To discover in Provence

Visiting Provence


Visiting Provence
from our 4 star hotel

The Ventoux, the Luberon, Provence... just by reading these words, the smells and flavours come to life. You can imagine the scent of lavender, honey, essential oils and the liveliness of the Provencal markets. To visit Provence is to live all these experiences and to be constantly amazed.

Local crafts

The craft tradition is strongly anchored in the Vaucluse. In Sault, near our hotel, you can meet many craftsmen and discover their know-how. La Savonnerie en Provence will show you the traditional methods of soap making. The Boyer nougat factory opens its workshops in July and August to reveal the secrets of making nougats and macaroons the old-fashioned way.

Local products

Thanks to the richness of its soil, the Vaucluse is home to exceptional local products: truffles (the black diamond of the Ventoux), olive oil, wines, aromatic and medicinal plants... In the Sault valley, where lavender and small spelt grow, other local products complete this list of specialities: essential oils, lavender honey, flour, artisanal soaps, but also nougats and macaroons. All the products of this beautiful region are available in the shops and craftsmen of Sault, near the Hostellerie du Val de Sault.


Sault boasts one of the oldest municipal museums in the province, founded in 1859. This charming museum has an eclectic collection that defies time: fossils from the Tertiary period, an Egyptian mummy in its sarcophagus, everyday objects from Roman life, revolutionary weapons, 20th century farming tools, etc. Just a few kilometres from our 4-star hotel, you can also visit the many museums in the Luberon: the Lavender Museum in Coustellet, the Bakery Museum in Bonnieux and the Provençal cot museum in Cavaillon.


Is it possible to be completely insensitive to the charm of the Provençal markets? If you think you are, your feelings will be put to the test in this pretty corner of Provence. Since 1515, the picturesque Sault market has been held on Wednesday mornings: colours, smells and flavours of local products (lamb, lavender, Provençal herbs, candied fruits, nougats, macaroons...). Still sceptical? Then go to the Apt market on Saturday mornings, which, for its atmosphere, its permanence and its originality, was awarded the label "exceptional French market" in 1996.


In the land of lavender, thyme, rosemary and sage, many distilleries produce essential oils, usually organic. Next to the hotel, in the village of Sault, no less than three distilleries offer products made from the distillation of aromatic plants. Their essential oils, with specific properties (antiseptic, revitalising...), can be used in aromatherapy to treat oneself and stay in shape. The Sault distilleries offer guided tours to understand the manufacturing process of these oils.


The deep light of Provence has attracted many painters: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse... Some of their paintings have immortalised the beauty of the places that seduced them. The varied landscapes of the Ventoux and Luberon, which surround the Hostellerie du Val de Sault, have also inspired many painters.

View of a Provence village with a field of lavender - 4-star hotel luberon
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Outdoor market in Provence